Camping and Backpackers Module Release

Mar 5, 2018

One of our existing clients requested the module and the team at Netbookings, got to work to make it happen. After some consultation with the client, we were able to build a specific module to handle Backpackers and Campgrounds.  This is a very exciting addition for Netbookings, fulfilling a market requirement that has been greatly needed.

The Netbookings Backpackers Module shows how many people are booked in a room or area per day and the capacity of each room. This module works in perfectly with the Accommodation module for businesses that have a mixture of types.

The Arrivals and Departures reports also includes these types of bookings.

Each room/area type can be priced differently per person. The price of any booking can be overridden by staff.

The calendar can also display ‘standard’ accommodation rooms if required. Eg. You may have a mixture of double/queen rooms and dorms, your staff can see them all in one calendar.

A new online booking screen for your web site is also now available.

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