Adelaide Mobile Massage

Understanding the benefits of online gift voucher sales to her business from very early on, Vanessa Ridley of Adelaide Mobile Massage is one of our most faithful clients. For more than 8 years netbookings has provided the software for Vanessa to sell massage vouchers from her own website. The software has evolved over that time but the basic have not changed.

  1. Vouchers can be emailed to the purchaser or recipient instantly (great for that last minute gift!)
  2. Multiple vouchers can be purchased in the one transaction for different recipients
  3. The software is customisable to match our clients branding
  4. Our clients have the ability to update and change voucher options at any time in the netbookings system
  5. Various reports can be produced in the system in relation to voucher sales
  6. netbookings can also be used to sell and track all your voucher sales as an all in one business solution
Adelaide Mobile Massage

And whilst we have implemented positive changes to the system over the years, out pricing options have remained the same or become cheaper - 5% commission per online voucher sale or $66 per month for up to 50 online sales.

Adelaide Mobile Massage is a proudly South Australian owned and operated business providing over a decade of expert massage service in workplaces, homes, hospitals, events and just about everywhere.

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