Day Spas and Spa Retreats require are a very specialised category of tourism business. netbookings has been developing the day spa module for 10+ years and is now a fully featured system and integrates 100% with all of the other modules.

Allow your staff to assign resources and measure the performances of each.

Modern spas are multi faceted businesses that aim to provide health and wellbeing while also providing employment and profits to the owners. There is a fine balance between sales and customer satisfaction and Netbookings helps you achieve this balance.


Day Spa and Beauty Booking System

How to make bookings via the Spa Calendar vs the Wizard, use add-ons, book a package for 1 person or 4 people and overnight stay & spa packages.



Software with the full business picture in mind

The Netbookings spa booking software package boasts many key features, including easily-customised gift voucher set-up, spa package definition, and facilitation of point-of-sale and online marketing. These features have been designed to enhance overall business efficiency by defining the user interface based on the position and responsibilities of the user.

We believe a spa booking system should be more than just a scheduling app, but also a business data support tool which enables analysis of activity and trends. In product design terms, what this means for agents is an easy-to-read interface which facilitates up-selling and quick booking. For owners and managers, output can be generated on a periodic basis categorised to facilitate a meaningful analysis of the business, areas of growth, and potential opportunities. All the features on our spa booking solution have been designed following extensive consultation with owners, managers, and booking staff.


Spa Packages

Value added packages are a common focus for spas and therefore Netbookings supports this at its core. Packages can be made up of treatments, food, relaxation time, more treatments and maybe even a retail product. Being able to change a treatment from one to another and ensuring therapists are quaified for all skills is mandatory and also at its core.

More in info on how spa packages are setup and booked can be found on our Dynamic Packages page.

Dynamic Packaging System

Gift vouchers

These can be a 'separate business' in themselves within a spa and if marketed and handled properly provide great income and a great service to the spa clients. The Netbookings gift voucher software has sold over 700,000 vouchers and can also be fully customised for client branding.


Spa Public Vouchers

Point of Sales (POS)

Our POS system is a fully integrated solution for processing check-ins for the Spa, dining and of course retail products sales.

We also have integrated RFID wristband technology which can be used staff to login and also provide to clients to open lockers and also pay for items whilst visiting your establishment.

Integrated EFTPOS terminals are also supported to ensure consise processing of payments.

POS System

Online retail shop

Product sales via your web site are also possible with the added feature for guests being able to redeem your gift vouchers online for Spa products you provide. Read more about our online shop.

Online Shop

Staff Rostering

Netbookings has a staff roster for therapists schedules.
Staff can enter their hours and managers can review and lock in days.

The roster can also be imported from Humanforce

Roster Import


Please feel free to contact us for a quote on our Spa Management System.



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