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Facebook Pixel can be used to track the performance of your Facebook Ads that link to Netbookings. It doesn’t stop there, as Facebook Pixel can also track all activity on your Netbookings system and report on gender, social interests and locations of your guests.

By simply adding your Facebook Pixel ID into Netbookings Settings, you have access to the power of this platform.

There is an Events Manager Page. This page shows total amount of Netbookings page views, total number of guests who then initiated checkout, and total number of final purchases or online transactions completed.

There is also an Analytics Section, which has real time analysis of what is happening on your Netbookings system. Whatever modules you have from: Accommodation, Camping and Tours to Spa or Gift Vouchers, they are all tracked.

You are able to customise your Facebook Pixel tracking in various ways such as: Cohorts, Retention and Funnels.

Facebook Pixel Events Manager

Facebook Pixel Analytics

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