RFID Wristbands

Open a Locker

Wristbands are a personalised and an extremely practical approach to giving people access to lockers in wet areas such as swimming pools and hot springs bathing areas. Netbookings makes it easy for businesses to impliment wristbands for guests via our POS system. Guests can be assigned a locker or choose from any locker in a area, put their personal possessions in and lock it by simply holding their band up to the locking area.

Load a Wristband

Wristbands can also be loaded with credit that can be used at any of the POS stations in the business. You can offer this great service to parents who may want to load $10 or $20 on band and then the kids can get some wholesome food or drink at any time throughout the day without the need to bother mum or dad or go back to the locker for change.

Adults can also choose the load a wristband to gain a more flexible visit also, grab a bite at the cafe or maybe lunch and drinks with friends.

You can even re-use your wristband on your next visit, simply re-load it and go, much like you would for an Opal card in Sydney or Mykii card in Melbourne when travelling on a tram or train.


The Netbookings Tour and Events module can be used to grant access to the an event with a wristband. This opens up a whole new level of security for events as there is no need for a printed ticket. Without a printed ticket the ability to produce a counterfeit ticket is reduced considerably. the same wristband can be used to purchase food, drinks and products if pre-loaded with credit.


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