Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps business owners measure the performance of their web site. It helps you analyse your website and its use by your clients. Each individual business has different areas they wish to measure.

Did you know that you can also use your Google Analytics to analyse your Netbookings account? Simply add your Google Analytics ID into Netbookings Settings. Then you will be able to see

  • How guests get to your Netbookings
  • How they behave while they are there
  • Conversion tracking to sales
  • Overall revenue

Another exciting idea for using Google Analytics is to setup goals and make changes to your web site to help achieve these goals.

For example, our recent Netbookings goal was to offer a free trial of our Netbookings software to new clients.

  • Our goal started when a new client clicked on the Free Trial button
  • The Goal was achieved once a client filled out the Free Trial form and pressed submit, displaying the final screen.

Using this goal we can see how many new clients start the process, and what conversion rate we get. Invaluable tools for growing our business.

You can trial a Sale or a Special Package and see how your goal performs, gathering vital information for your next marketing exercise.

Google Analytics

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