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Netbookings online booking system

The team at Netbookings has a wealth of experience in IT, Software engineering and the tourism and hospitality industries.  For 20 years, Netbookings has been developing with direct input from tourism businesses such as: hotels, day spas and tour and charter operators. Our engineers have listened to their ideas and feature requests and, where possible, created a business solution that works directly for them and other similar operators.

Our nimble approach to system enhancements means a new client can request a new feature that can be deployed within a couple of days. We also cater for clients that require a lot changes or an intricate specific change. These types of changes are done with complete consultation from conception to becoming integrated into Netbookings.

We have high end servers with 24x7x365 monitoring and support. We back-up all of your important data for your peace of mind.

Our Support

We back our booking system with dedicated & reliable support.

Netbookings support

Our advanced online support system is instant for logged in users. When a chat session is initiated the Netbookings staff know who is chatting, where they are in the system and what they were trying to do before they had a problem. This method of support is proving to be a winner for both client and staff.

Constant Development

Our booking system constantly evolves to meet higher standards.

netbookings development

We have a list of feature requests and ideas we are constantly working on, so what Netbookings is today is only a subset of what it will be tomorrow.


They trust our booking system for their online business.


Netbookings has been operating since 1996 and has helped many businesses grow. we have also helped some win Tourism Awards, such as:

  • Chocolate Gannets - Best New Tourism Development in Victoria 2003.
  • Bayplay - Winner of Adventure Tourism in Victoria 2005, 2006 and Hall Fame 2007.
  • Peninsula Hot Springs - Winner of Health & Wellness Tourism in Victoria 2010, 2011 and Hall of Fame 2012. Best Hot Springs 2014 and 2015 in the World Luxury Spa Awards.

"We trust and rely on Netbookings as our online provider for our multi faceted business. The company always listens to our needs and tailors the system to be in lines with the needs of the industry. We have had a great working relationship for over 14 years , since the infancy of Netbookings and have watched it grow as we have."

Amanda - Bayplay & Beyond - Australia

"After spending a good part of the day working on your booking system and website front-end, both our manager and myself are very impressed with its capabilities. I can see you have put many years of work into creating this system, well done!

James - Maruia Hot Springs - New Zealand

"I am reading between the lines a bit from your website information but I am at the point that I can't believe what I am seeing. I have been looking for 12 months to find a system like yours!"

Deryck - Boshack Outback - Australia

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Netbookings works closely with tourism operators to engineer better solutions to business challenges where people are time poor and have a thirst to getaway.

We integrate social media, smart phones and tablets so that their online experience easily facilitates their 'real world' escape.

We offer the widest range of booking variations for an online system!

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