Netbookings can send an SMS to your business phone for each online transaction. This SMS contains important information for bookings such as:

  • Guest Name
  • Arrival Date and Time
  • Booking Duration

It is a trigger to let you know that an online booking has occured. There is no need to access Netbookings as all the guest and booking information has already been saved during the checkout process.

In the case of online gift voucher or product purchase, it contains the voucher or order number and the value of the purchase.

You can also use our Guest Contact system whereby you can filter on all guests arriving on a particular day or a subset of those guests by module of Accommodation, Tours, Dining, Spa and or Bathing. You can even choose certain individual tours that are running. The purpose of this filtering system is to allow you to communicate with the particular guests for special circumstance.

Some examples

  • A boat charter may need to communicate with all guests going on morning tour to advise them that the tour has been re-scheduled to the afternoon timeslot due to weather conditions.
  • A business may need to communicate a road hazard to all guests arriving today.
  • A business may want to communicate to a selected group of guests that there is some extra availability which allows the guests to bring a friend.

Gift Voucher by SMS

Gift vouchers can be delivered to a mobile phone by SMS. This is growing part of the gift voucher delivery methods. SMS delivery has been shown to be the most likely method of electronic communications to be viewed immediately by the recipient.

What does it cost to send an SMS?

You can optionally receive an SMS for all online bookings, gift voucher and product purchases to your business mobile phone. Note: The guest does not receive an SMS, they do receive an email.

SMS is charged at different rates depending on which Netbookings plan you are using. Read more about Netbookings pricing.



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