Our Tour module covers many types of businesses (see examples below). Tours and activities are scheduled and can vary in price from day to day. Tour templates are used to save time when creating your schedule for regularly run tours. Each tour has a maximum capacity and minimum number of people required to run. We have some great staff tools such as: Tour Sheet (overview) for the tour supervisor and even a customised Dive Log for dive charters. Tours can be packaged up using our Dynamic Packaing System and gift vouchers redeemed online for any tour you run. Netbookings also integrates with social media such as facebook for online bookings and schedule posting on your timeline. Booking Agents are supported for login and website referrals for commission of sales tracking.

Video detailing how to make bookings, payments, confirmations, move a booking, scheduling and custom guest questions on your web site


Tour Templates

These are used to save common settings for tours that are to be scheduled. You also set the website information here for the tour description and an image, minimum and maximum numbers, duration, any questions that the guest must answer and pricing group of the tour.

Tour templates

POS Fully Supported

Tour businesses can use the Netbookings POS system, which seamlessly integrates with your online Netbookings experience. You can easily configure your POS system to make it easy for staff to make and manage bookings.
You can also add retail products or other items to the bookings, meeting all of your multi-faceted needs.

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POS book tours


The NB Tour Wizard helps you build your itinerary. Select a template, a time and how often the tour is to run and with only a couple of clicks of the mouse your schedule is set for the next week, month or even 12 months.

Tour Wizard

Pricing Models

A typical tour business might have pricing for:
Adult, Child, Concession and Family (2A+2C).

A more complex pricing setup for a charter boat that takes people sightseeing and snorkeling would be:
Adult, Child, Concession, Family (2A+2C), Adult Sightseeing, Child Sightseeing, Concession Sightseeing and Family (2A+2C) Sightseeing

NB can actually have an unlimited number of people types.

Maximum and minimum numbers

Each tour has a maxmimum number of people (made up of all the types of people) and also a minimum.

Tour guest types

Staff Tools

You can print a Tour Sheet for the tour group manager which details all the people on the tour and their payment status. You can also select all tours for a day and print each on a seperate page directly from the Tour calendar.

For SCUBA diving businesses and boat charters we have a Dive Log which can be printed and used to log all the details of the dive. Booking Agent bookings are identified and any money owing for all participants.

Tour Sheet for printing
Dive Log

Tour Packages

Tours can be packaged up with other services you may provide such as: accommodation, meals, transport, hire equipment and much more...

Our Dynamic Packaging System makes it easy to book for both staff and online via your website.

Tour and Accommodation Package

Social Media

You can post a message directly to your facebook timeline from NB, it will automatically add your description and image and a link to book that tour online.

You can also optionally tick the box 'Post on facebook' when scheduling.

Tour facebook message posting

Booking Agents

Agents can be 'On Account' or required to pay by credit card or even allowed to take a deposit with the remainder due on arrival. The choice is yours for each agent.

Agents can search for their regular clients in your NB. Agents love this great time saver. Agents also have access to reports to see how many bookings and how much commission they have earned. Business owners and managers have their own reports for invoicing purposes.

The website screen uses the lastet Ajax technology for the best user experience for Agents.

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Booking Agent setup

Agent Guest Search



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