Maruia Hot Springs

Maruia Hot Spring is located in the Lewis Pass National Park, South Island, New Zealand. It has its own hydro-electric power supply, 20 rooms, natural thermal minerals springs and a restaurant.

The new owners approached Netbookings having heard about the work we had done with Peninsula Hot Springs in Australia. This business is unique as they have many day to day issues to work around due to their remote location. This remoteness is of course one of the major attractions to the area. 

Maruia Hot Springs

Netbookings provides a complete business management and online solution for their accommodation, hot springs bathing and dining experiences.

An easy to use online solution to show the offerings as packages was the key, so our Dynamic Packaging System was implimented and online bookings along with a new web site designed by Netbookings.

This was a first for them and it has proven to be a real time saver for staff and guests alike. Gift Vouchers has also proved popular.


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