Westcoast Jet

The number of adrenalin pumping experiences available to thrill seekers across Australia has grown rapidly. From sky diving to rally driving, a quick Google search online and the options are almost endless. At netbookings we are pleased to work with a large mix of tour, accommodation and day spa clients right around Australia, including Western Australia.

Westcoast Jet in Fishing Boat Harbour Freemantle, for example, offers an exhilarating 20 minute jet boat ride, reaching speeds of up to 70km/h. Bucket stops, fancy fishtails, wacky wake surfing, hilarious high speed turns and tantalising 270 deg slide outs are all part of the sea soaking fun. Operating just off the Freemantle Coast, Perth residence as well as overseas and interstate tourists can easily access this experience.

Westcoast Jet

Business owner Jim Virtue approached netbookings several years ago with a simple request – to capture more bookings directly through his own website. His set up was simple and can easily be managed by him wherever he has internet access.

We don’t hear from Jim all that much, and we think that’s a sign that the system is working well! Check out Westcoast Jet next time you’re visiting Western Australia.

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