Whether you run a single holiday rental accommodation, or manage a group of rental properties for different clients, netbookings has a solution to organise your business. Having continuously developed our system for our accommodation clients for the previous 15 years, netbookings can offer your business an easy, affordable online property management solution.

One Shared Calendar

Netbookings has recently implemented system enhancements that were specifically developed to ease the work load of our clients who manage multiple properties. The new shared calendar works across a group of properties to display them in one combined list. The individual property rates are maintained and can be updated quickly, whilst seasonality and tariffs are kept the same across the group. This development further streamlines netbookings making it the ideal online booking and management system for businesses that look after a group of properties.

Ease of access

You can access netbookings from any PC, or data device such as your phone or tablet, allowing you to run your business from anywhere.  You have complete control of all the different properties with various tariffs and availability, each custom branded to your web site, or in the case or property management, to various different web sites.


Each room/property has its own pricing structure while the group owner can access all of them with a single login. You can have different specials, packages and structures catering for any of your or your client’s needs. Along with simplifying your business management via automated custom email letters, helping keep your clients up to date with their stay. Automated SMS notifications reminding guests of payments due and of their upcoming stay, takes the little hassles out of your day to day life, and keeps your business running smoothly.

Local support

Let us remind you that netbookings is proudly Australian owned and operated and our technical staff have all been involved in the development of netbookings offering you a level of service unavailable from overseas companies.

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Netbookings works closely with tourism operators to engineer better solutions to business challenges where people are time poor and have a thirst to getaway.

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