Track your staffing requirements by using Netbookings to manage your tour capacity and staff assigned to each tour. Staff ratios are an important business consideration and we have some tools to help you decide what are the best figures.


Save time by having people answer specific questions when booking online such as:

  1. How many rides in the last 3 years?
  2. Please advise your approximate weight? Select from 0-70Kg, 70-90Kg, 90-100Kg, 100kg + please call

Bulk SMS

Send an SMS to everyone booked on a ride today to inform of change of plans due to weather conditions for example.

Move a booking

If things change as per the example above you can easily move people from one ride to another with a couple of clicks.

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Netbookings works closely with tourism operators to engineer better solutions to business challenges where people are time poor and have a thirst to getaway.

We integrate social media, smart phones and tablets so that their online experience easily facilitates their 'real world' escape.

We offer the widest range of booking variations for an online system!

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