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May 11, 2015

For business owners and managers, we provide a highly-customizable set of options, enabling you to specifically define packages and customer offers, as well as take advantage of cross-selling opportunities and additional promotional marketing opportunities.   The spa booking system has been built on the comments and feedback received from our customers over the past ten years, and we are proud to offer a highly-robust system which is designed not only as a business-functional solution offering scheduling services, but also a fully-integrated business marketing and promotion support tool, helping you to more effectively reach out to customers and optimize your revenue-making opportunities.

Packages are a key component of our spa booking system.  Our Dynamic Packaging System, adapted specifically for spa businesses and online platforms, enables customers to put together their own ideal package based on individual preferences and also the customer’s own leisure budget.  From this system, you can also track customer preferences individually, or as a customer segment group, enabling you to better understand patterns of selection and, in the future, design promotions which more effectively attract your target audience.  This capability is made possible through a robust reporting system which gives you information on a per-customer or per-service basis, and lets you sort data according to a wide range of parameters.

From an operations perspective, our spa booking software also functions as an efficient resource management system, allowing you to allocate resources according to your business policy, and at the same time, helps you to track performance of your staff and maintain a record of key performance metrics. 

These features, together with our easy-to-learn user interface, bring you a comprehensive system for the management and promotion of your spa business.  Our system has been designed over the past ten years to be user friendly and easy to understand.  Sometimes our customers have questions or feedback to give us, which is why we provide personalized customer service.  Our team of support personnel is available to help you through setup and operation of the system, and to listen to your ideas about new or more advanced features that we can add to the application.   

In addition, you will benefit from our continual system enhancements at no extra cost.  Our goal is to continue development and expansion of the booking system, in line with feedback from our customers, to ensure that Netbookings’ solutions remain at the top of the industry for cloud-based online booking systems.  We welcome your call or email to learn more about the system and its features, and we look forward to working with you.

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