The Netbookings Gift Voucher System is web based software that enables you to sell Gift Certificates online from your web site with immediate delivery via email. The purchaser can select from various delivery methods including: email, post, express post and via SMS. Surcharges for each delivery method can be separately programmed.

Gift vouchers that are required to be delivered by post are printed directly from the Netbookings back end.

Gift setup and purchasing Video

Learn how to setup vouchers and see how people can buy vouchers online via your web site.



Custom vouchers


Why not have your own custom gift voucher to ensure your style and brand comes through with every certificate sold.

You can also have the purchasing screens branded with logo, banner and colours to enhance the user buying experience.

View custom gift voucher examples

Client system examples

Instant delivery

Online vouchers are delivered to the inbox of the purchaser or optionally directly to the inbox of the recipient.

SMS delivery

Vouhers can even be delivered by SMS to the mobile phone of the recipient.

Corporate gifts

You can market your business to other businesses as they can easily purchase a personalised gift for each of their employees in only a few minutes with our multi gift option.

Redeem online

Vouchers can be redeemed online when using one of our booking modules. Vouchers can be used to pay for services provided such as: a getaway, an experience you offer or retail products you sell.

Abandoned Carts

Should somebody not complete their transaction, Netbooking will email them then next day with a link to the checkout to make it easy to finalise their purchase.

Netbookings works closely with tourism operators to engineer better solutions to business challenges where people are time poor and a thirst to getaway.

We integrate social media, smart phones and tablets so their online experience easily facilitates their 'real world' escape.

We offer the widest range of booking variations for an online system!

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