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May 6, 2015

Our largest clients include hotels, spa and health centres, as well as tour operators and charter services.  The system is designed to integrate your online presence together with your team of booking agents and operational personnel.  A system of regular business reports keeps you up to date on key performance factors, letting you know the status of bookings and also alerting you as orders come in or as problems arise.  The system enables a full-time, round-the-clock booking platform whereby customers can make reservations through several different channels, including your own company website, Facebook, and directly from your agents and sales team.  Each module can be configured to send an SMS, alerting you or your operations team of new bookings immediately as they are made, with customer purchases being deposited directly into your designated bank account.

When you join the Netbookings community, you have access to our own customer services team, which stands ready to help you through setup as well as any difficulties you may experience along the way.  Our cloud-based software is designed to be easy and convenient for lay computer users, but we understand that having a little help along the way can sometimes speed things up.  Furthermore, you can receive, for free, our software updates and enhancements as they are published.  We try to actively engage our clients in receiving feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the system and your experience in using it, and our software update process is an important part of our service to clients, ensuring they have the best and most advanced system available.

One example of a recent upgrade in functionality is with 3rd Party Passes.  Particularly in the tourism industry, many businesses form partnerships or enter into agreements with other companies to cross-sell services such as tour packages or add-on activities.  This capability represents an opportunity for businesses to work together to optimise their customer relationships while enhancing their own revenue streams. 

Another system which is important for large (or growing) tour planning companies is our Dynamic Packaging System.  This feature offers your agents or, via your online portal, your end customers to mix and match itinerary options to create a self-customized package tour.  Some travelers prefer to pay a little extra for a nice hotel, while others prefer to spend their money on outings and special excursions.  With the Dynamic Packaging System, with little extra effort, you can cater to multiple customer segments at the same time, giving them the opportunity to assemble their ideal vacation package.  As well, with our robust reporting system, over time you can identify key customer trends and patterns in selection, helping you to know your customers better and enabling you to offer better and more competitive options in the future.

You are welcome to browse this website to learn more, and please contact us directly for any questions you may have about the system, set-up options, or pricing.  We look forward to helping you provide top-level service to your valued customers.

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