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Jun 16, 2015

For over twenty years, our team of software developers and system engineers have been continually updating and improving online booking systems for Australian business owners in the travel and hospitality industry. Throughout this time, we have listened to our clients and responded to their feedback on a wide range of requests, feedback which we consider essential to continually building and expanding a booking software suite that meets the ever-changing needs of the tour industry. As customers use online technology in increasingly sophisticated ways, Netbookings has kept a pulse on the market to ensure that our online reservation system meets the demands of hospitality businesses and their customers alike.

As an example, we have recently upgraded (free to our clients) our Facebook booking system to enable your customers to reserve rooms and make reservations directly from your Facebook page. Another upgrade we have made in recent years is in response to many independent travel businesses which aim to cross-network with hotels and other tour services, making it easy for travel businesses to connect with each other and to offer their customers additional travel options and side tour packages.

These are just examples of the many upgrades that we have and continue to make to our web-based booking software. For hotel managers in particular, we understand that there are a wide range of business models and types of offers which fall into the category of “accommodation”. Each module is explained further on the links below, however the following list gives a brief summary of the key features for each module, which you can use to customize your user experience:

  • Bed & Breakfast: sometimes offering only one bedroom, our B&B booking software enables a high degree of personalized communication with your customers.
  • Luxury accommodation: similarly, luxury clients often expect a high level of personal attention, customisable options, and with a streamlined, professional interface. Our luxury accommodation software brings you and your customers together with a sophisticated but personal touch.
  • Farm stay: excite your customers with the many add-on packages that can complement their farm stay
  • Holiday rentals: often require a wide range of locations with different characteristics to be managed on a single reservation system, not to mention more complex pricing schemes such as single-night surcharges or seasonal pricing differences.
  • Hostels: streamlined to interface with your website and facebook, where most hostel-seeking guests will find you.
  • Small hotels and others: Netbookings online room reservation system has been continually improved and adapted for the particular requirements of our customers, and is highly flexible for a wide range of business models.

If you have special needs for your accommodation business, please feel free to contact our customer service team to learn more about how Netbookings can help make your business operation as smooth as possible.

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