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Jun 9, 2015

Our tour booking software system is web-based (as they say, “in the cloud”), enabling an always-on business platform which is regularly updated and maintained by our in-house team of system engineers. Most importantly to your business, the Netbookings tour reservation system is backed up in real time, to ensure that your business data remains safe and secure. For over fifteen years, we have been serving tour businesses all around Australia, from mid-sized hotels to boutique and independent scuba diving instructors, and all businesses in between. Clients have trusted us to deliver prompt and efficient customer service, and continue to rely on us to deliver cutting edge software solutions in the travel business. Our travel reservation system includes the following features:

  • Options and prices: through our specially-designed user interface, tour booking companies can set a long list of individual tour options (or short list, if you prefer), each with individual parameters such as schedule, pricing, and optional discount codes, which you can set in conjunction with promotions or seasonal variations, for example.
  • Payment management: our system makes accepting and tracking payments possible with just a couple clicks. In fact, we have specially designed the customer payment method to be as streamlined as possible, while giving you and your customers assurance that all transactions are properly tracked and documented. Nobody “gets lost” in our system, and we have taken special care to ensure that your customer can make purchases in as few clicks as possible, giving them less opportunity to back down from a decision, while optimising their experience in the ordering process.
  • Cross promotion: the Netbookings online booking system also makes it possible for you to offer add-on packages or other promotional options as customers are placing their tour order. This feature has been included with the understanding that many of our clients sometimes work together with other tour companies, offering referrals and special rates for other tours which may complement your company’s own offer.
  • Real-time reporting: when logging onto the system, you can immediately know the status of your tours or business activities, and our system can also be configured to notify you immediately by email or other methods when bookings occur, giving you as much advance notice as possible regarding your business activities.
  • Facebook interface: another feature that we have recently added to our online bookings system is an easy connectivity to Facebook, enabling you to capture your customers from their first point of contact! For many of our customers, Facebook has become in important – if not the most important – means of reaching new customers and promoting their business. Not only is it easy for you to refer customers to your Facebook site, but once they are there, they can easily be referred to your website or make reservations directly via your Facebook page.

From fishing charters, cooking schools, boutique restaurants, dive centers, adventure guides and many others have built their business with the help of our easy-to-use set-up page. Be sure that the same level of engineering and design has gone into our customer interface, ensuring that customers who book tours online through our system will have as pleasant an experience making the booking as they will on the tour.

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