Paypal Integration

Jun 4, 2015

This new Netbookings feature particularly benefits businesses that do not have merchant facilities and can therefore not take credit card payments. With PayPal activated these businesses can now capture online bookings and/or sales and receive funds instantly through a linked bank account or debit card.

The Netbookings software will allow businesses to have PayPal as their only payment method or it can be an option alongside our other payment methods. Our other payment methods for onlne sales include real time credit card processing as well as offline credit card processing.

PayPal offers a simple pricing plan for businesses that wish to set up an account. There are no upfront or ongoing fees, PayPal only charges a commission and per transaction fee. PayPal is one of the world’s largest internet payment companies and as such consumers feel safe using such a globally trusted brand.

When staff take a payment over phone or at the reservation desk they can choose appropriate payment types such as: Cash, Direct Deposit, Cheque, Gift Voucher and custom types can be added.

For further information about how to integrate your business with Netbookings and PayPal, give us a call on 61 3 5988 6808 or contact us any time.

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