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Mar 14, 2016

We have modules to suit hundreds of differet business types, the major categories are:

Under each of these categories we cater for subtle variations that each business owner treats as their point of difference. We respect the concerns of our clients and do not disclose special techinques used to gain marketshare that competitors may use.

No matter what type of business you have NB will be able to tailor an online software solution that meets all of your needs via your web site, staff, management, reporting and marketing.

Not only do we have many types of booking methods, we also have many automated features such as email and/or SMS reminders, nightly reports to your inbox, facebook, google analytics, payment gateways, and channel management connections.

Some case studies of our clients can be viewed here.

Now that you have found Netbookings your research will have shown that we lead the field in capabilites of an online tourism business solution.

If you feel we are missing some functionality that you require please fee free to contact us with a new feature request. There is constant development of our systems, some requested by clients and some in-house features that we feel would be great enhancements. This  onging process is what we really enjoy and love talking to clients about a special feature idea they may have.

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Netbookings works closely with tourism operators to engineer better solutions to business challenges where people are time poor and a thirst to getaway.

We integrate social media, smart phones and tablets so their online experience easily facilitates their 'real world' escape.

We offer the widest range of booking variations for an online system!

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