Cockatoo Island and Netbookings form Partnership

Sep 13, 2016

Cockatoo Island – A Unique Sydney Harbour Attraction

Several accommodation options are available to visitors so they can take it all in at a leisurely pace. A hugely popular attraction is the glamping. Permanent tents loaded with creature comforts are erected in rows to accommodate up to 4 campers. Regular camping and apartment style accommodation is also available.

When we approached the team on Cockatoo Island about their online requirements they were missing a key element – online gift vouchers. The process they had in place at that time was extremely time consuming and laborious. The demand for vouchers was high yet the manual processing system was not efficient and the public could not buy a voucher directly from their website 24/7.

To ensure Netbookings turned this problem around, we implemented our gift voucher software in conjunction with a full payment gateway. This allows for real time credit card processing and instant email delivery of the voucher to either the buyer or the recipient. We also implemented a customised voucher design into our system so that the emailed voucher is Cockatoo Island branded.  The results were instant with several vouchers immediately purchased. From glamping packages to monetary options, there is now an online voucher suitable for everyone. What a fantastic gift!

We look forward to a continuing partnership with Cockatoo Island over the coming years.

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