How often is enough?

Nov 24, 2016

Those interested in the outdoors or adventure often find themselves regularly participating in these activities on the weekend and other moments that can find time for. If you are one of those then you know what we are talking about as it probably consumes a lot of your thoughts during work breaks and when you get out of bed.

Let’s look at a couple of examples:


Some people have their own kayaks and others prefer to go with a more formalised groups or tour operator. For those who have their own they can load up the car, call a friend and meet at their local spot for a paddle.  For others who choose the go with a tour operator, there are some benefits: no need to purchase or maintain equipment, try different types of equipment and it can also be a great way to meet people.

Some people like to go very week or a couple of times a year works well for them. During the warmer months, people generally are out and about more often, twice a month might work during these times.

For the ‘kayak junkie’ a morning paddle is a ritual that would be adhered to.

SCUBA Diving

Like kayaking some people have their own equipment and others prefer to hire on the day. People might do a ‘try dive or complete a course
which gives them a good insight as to whether they like it or not. For those that decide they do like it, they are likely to dive locally or even travel internationally to find that special dive.

Charter boats are used in many locations to help divers gain access to locations that are not accessible by shore and of course offer a totally different experience. Around 500 Melbournians scuba dive every weekend, these people decide where to go by viewing an online itinerary and then book with their preferred boat.

Making it quick and easy!

Netbookings saves people time for regular guests to login with their email address and password, without the need to enter all their details each time they make a booking. People may be on on a break from work or chatting over a drink after work, they can quickly and easily book via their mobile phone.

Any special questions can also be answered such as: dietary requirements or pickup required?

How often do you do your thing?

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