Netbookings can enable access to a locker via a 3rd party locker system for your staff and/or guests. You can assign a locker to an RFID wristband, give it to the guest to wear and they can choose a locker, open it, put their belongings into it, close and re-open the locker as many times as required for duration of the access window.

Netbookings supports the following locker suppliers:

Each vendor has their own systems and one may suit your needs better than the other. Contact us for more information.

Lockers offer guests a fast and easy way to safely store whatever they do not need while participating in the activity you provide. Waterproof wristbands are proving to be an excellent choice for water based activies such as swimming pools and hot springs bathing businesses.

The wristband that opens the locker can also be loaded with credit so that there is no need to return the locker to purchase food or drinks during a visit.

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